An essential mineral in humans as is a constituent of cobalamin
also known as Vitamin B12. Kob= a hut or cage,
olt= gracious spirit, mischivievous, so named by the miners who
considered it a profitless ore. < bending head, < morning. Delusions he's a criminal and others know it, and holding or storages damaging feelings. Its most dominant physical symptom is felt in the back,dorsal pains. feels as if head would come off dorsal pain that finds no relief from sitting or standing or walking because if liver pain that shoots downwards to the thighs. teeth feel long and hollow, gums swollen, tender as if ulcerated < cold air. distressing dowsiness in evening, sleeps ten to eleven hours and still hardly able to get up in the morning. pain in wrists. A colorful remedy, egyptians used it to color glass blue, and used to paint ceramics, has a coated white tongue, skin can become yellow, brown, red, blue or purple. Mental exhilaration , vivacity and rapid flow of thoughts, indisposed to mental or physical labor as increases his sufferings. Much itching all over < warm in bed. Qualmishness with fullness of stomach extending to throat. Hepatic derrangement with shutting pains and sharp pain in spleen. disposition to keep jaws tightly closed. Stool feces like hazelnuts, with dulness of head, constant drooping blood from anus, Urinary ailments. Male-frequent nocturnal emissions, with lewd dreams, only partial or no erections, ipotence with seminal emissions at night with headache and backache. Severe pain in right testicle>after urination. Secondary Gonorrhea
with a greenish discharge, yellow-brown spots in genitals.
Colics at 5:00am. Hawk mucous with hemorrhage, short hacking
cough with expectoration of bright red blood coming from larynx.
Beatriz H Hill, I love homeopathy june 29




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