Selecting the Right Homeopathic remedy


Dr. Clarke, of London, another eminent authority, says in his introduction to his book, “The Prescriber,” under the head of “Rules for Practice” : “The beginner in homeopathic practice should, in the first instance, make himself absolute master of some dozen of the most widely useful remedies, with all their characteristics and peculiarities; of the conditions under which their symptoms appear and cease, and of their special times of occurrence, if they have any.

“An accurate knowledge of the symptomatology of these drugs will enable the practitioner to deal successfully with the majority of the cases he meets. But it will also do more than this for him; it will give him a solid basis on which to build up a knowledge of the rest of the materia medica.” The last sentence in the above quotation is especially important and cannot be over-emphasized. The number of remedies to begin with may be even more limited. They will increase rapidly and normally without any confusion if the prescriber is diligent in study. Again in the same book under the head of “Case Taking.” Dr. Clark states in few words the essential principles concerning which there is practical unanimity among all homeopathists.

“The first step towards making a good prescription is a well-taken case. The homeopathist takes his case with much more care than do others. The directions given by Hahnemann himself in the Organon should be carefully studied, and the spirit of them followed. The patient should be allowed to tell his own story, stating just what he feels, and the particular symptoms he is most anxious to be rid of. The practitioner should then ascertain the condition under which the symptoms occur, times of day at which they are worst, and any concomitant symptoms that may accompany them. If it is then not quite obvious what remedy he ought to prescribe, he will be prepared to consult his books of reference, knowing clearly what symptom he wishes to find.”





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