Chronic of

Which remedies are the Chronic of BRYONIA?

  • Frank Plunkett

    I thought that might answer itself Akhilesh, a recurrance of the need for a remedy which doesnt hold would be one example, where a deeper action may be required.

  • Akhilesh Chauhan

    Right sir. This is what we read in books but can you describe for when and why a remedy is said to be chronic of a remedy

  • Susan Olsen

    In my experience Ammonium Carb is the chronic of bryonia

  • Susan Olsen

    Lycopodium is the chronic is chamomilla!

  • Arijit Sarkar

    Alumina & Sulphur

  • Frank Plunkett

    I have always founf Bryonia and Natrum Mur more closely linked followed by Alumunium

  • Andrew Connerton

    Clarke :- diseases of children (Cham.acts more on the nerves of the abdomen, Bel. more on cranial nerves),Magn.c., Pul.
    They are the comments of J.H.Clarke in his Complementary Remedies Chamomilla.


    The Chronic of Bryonia is Natrum muriaticum, Alumina & Lycopodium!!!

  • Andrew Connerton

    J.H.Clarke says Alumina is the “chronic”and Kali c and Nat m.hold a similar but less pronounced relation to it.

  • JegKb


  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Thank you! So, where Chamomilla 200 acts as a pallative, Mag Carb could be curative?

  • Akhilesh Chauhan

    Bryonia is psoric menifestation and dryness is its one word expression but will not cure if sycotic miasm is active and will need alumina and or other deep acting remedy to cure.

  • DrShahid Mahmood

    Ignatia is chronic of Bryonia and Natrum Mur. is chronic of Ignatia.

  • Betsy K Williams

    A patient who needs a particular remedy in an acute could need the “chronic of” that remedy in chronic conditions

  • Raman Dhaliwal

    Nat mur, Sulphur

  • Salman Usmani Dilkash

    Alumina ,Kali carb, Nux Vomica ,Rhus Tox and sulpher

  • Basudeva Panda

    Alumina, but sometimes antipsoric Sulphur

  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Is there a chronic of chamomilla??

  • HomeoReikiDogs

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  • ilovehomeopathy

    HomeoReikiDogs the answer to that post will be out tomorrow.

  • Sushant Gautam

    Chronic of means?

  • Majda Lisica

    I thought it was Nat Mur

  • HomeoReikiDogs

    ilovehomeopathy Your app is malfunctioning again, Kartik. No chronic of bry