It occurs more in women than in men, and is situated chiefly about the face and neck. It usually appears in the form of crescentic patches on
the forehead and temples, also about the mouth. In women it is frequently found associated with and dependent upon some physiological or
change in the uterus. In men it sometimes occurs in connection with tuberculosis, and after long-continued malarial diseases.

We discuss some remedy resonance fro Chloasma. Your homeopath will identify the right remedy based on your similimum.

Argentum nitricum — Slight brown spots on the upper part of the chest and on the hands. Peculiar discoloration of the skin from bronze color to black.

Antimonium crudum — Brown liver-colored spots on both shoulders.

Caulophyllum — In nervous and hysterical women, and when associated with painful menstruation.

Ferrum metallicum — In chlorotic individuals.

Guarana — Yellow spots on the temples. Liver spots on the arms.

Laurocerasus — Hepatic spots on the face.

Lycopodium — Hepatic spots on the arms. Several brown spots on inner side of both thighs.

Nux vomica — Chloasma dependent upon liver derangement.

Petroleum — Brown spots on the wrists. Yellow spots on the arms.

Sepia — Yellow streak like a saddle on the nose and cheeks. In pregnant or nervous women.

Sulphur — Hepatic spots on the back and chest, yellow and brown spots.




  1. I m 33 year old male, and sir I have chloasma both side on cheeks, plz suggest sir what to do


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