Chicory- The Motherliness Flower


Chicory- The Motherliness Flower

“From Demanding Love to Giving Freely”

Those who are mindful of the needs of others, they tend to be over-full of care for children, relatives, friends always finding something that should be put right.-Edward Bach

Positive qualities:

  •  Demanding love
  • Feels unappreciated
  • Manipulative
  • Hypochondriac
  • Possessive
  • Easily offended
  • Wants to be center of attention

Common patterns of imbalance:

  •  Unconditional love
  • Respecting the freedom of others
  • Respecting others individuality
  • Give without expecting
  • Give freely

The top homeopathics that are related to and work well with Chicory:

  • Arsenicum alb
  • Aurum met
  • Nat mur
  • Sepia

Homeopathic form & Keynotes:

Cichorium Intybus

  • General heaviness
  • Headache
  • Weight in stomach
  • bowels are relaxed yet person is consitipated
  • Partial loss of site
  • Want of energy
  • Sluggish digestion




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Jamie Streett
Energist Jamie Streett- CiHom;CFEP of is a Homeopath (CiHom), Flower Essence Practitioner (CFEP), & an Emotions Expert; who specializes in assisting people and pets who suffer illness as a result of being imbalanced energetically/emotionally. While Jamie takes on all clients, she is well versed in Lyme Disease & co after her husband nearly died from it; & Her personal specialty is in rebalancing the Energy/Emotional body that has been imbalanced from chronic stress. Specifically- overwhelm, hormone imbalances, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Jamie sees clients "virtually" worldwide and is now accepting new clients.


  1. I too have used flower medicines on birds and dogs and they responded positively.

  2. I am currently using chicory for a newly rescued dog who is very possessive, and has separation anxiety whenever I have to leave the house for a few hours…. very effective for animals, as their system isn’t as “blocked” as many people are. He will be getting several drops, twice a day, for 3 weeks. In just a few days, there has been some noticeable improvement already…


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