Characteristic Peculiarities of NUX VOMICA

Characteristic peculiarities of Nux

Many of the symptoms are aggravated or excited by coffee, wine, smoking, watching and mental exertions, also by windy weather.

Many of the symptoms appear early in the morning (in bed or after rising), also after dinner. In the evening (8 or 9 o’clock) the pains are increased to an intolerable degree. °Nux is particularly suitable, if the symptoms are worst early in the morning, particularly if the patient wake at 3 o’clock in the morning, and then, overwhelmed with ideas, fall again into a heavy sleep full of dreams, from which the patient wakes more weary than he was on lying down.

The pains which come on by keeping one’s own- self confined in a room, are relieved by a walk in the open air, and vice versa. Some of the pains are
relieved by lying down.

  • Csrao Cherukuri

    A wonderful remedy ever. Thanks to Hanhemann

  • Humayera Shahid

    In homoeopathic it is says that, if u didn’t understand that what is the exact problem in patient then give Nux. Early it is says that, Kholo bakss de do Nux. Shukriya

  • Kartar Singh

    I have used it successfuly when symptoms ease in the evening. Taking a dose before retiring for the day will help in sound and easy sleep. A great remedy.

  • Anas Noor

    Nux vomica is good for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. It improves digestion and relieves gastric troubles in long run.

  • Hamayet Uddin Mridha

    It good for us

  • Sankar Datta Gupta Gupta

    It is only medicine to give or take with out Doctor prescribe power is 30 or m1 or m2 daily once or twice. Thanks for good information.

  • Nora Nazarian Dinkjian

    i use nux vomica,love it.

  • Geeta Dash

    Sir mucos inthe stool