Matricaria Chamomila
Allen H C, Keynotes and Characteristics
Especially for children, with light-brown hair, nervous,
excitable temperament, oversensitive from use or abuse of
coffee or narcotics.
Children, new-born and during period of dentition, child
exceedingly irritable, fretful, quiet only when carried,
impatient, wants this or that and becomes angry when
or when offered, petulantly rejects it. “too ugly to live”
Piteous moaning of child because he cannot have what he
wants, whining restlessness. he cannot endure any one near
him, cannot bear to be spoken to, averse to talking, answers
peevishly, complains from anger, especially chill and fever.
Pain seems unendurable, drives to despair, worse by heat,
worse at evening before midnight, with heat, thirst and
fainting with numbness of affected parts, eructations.
One cheek red and hot, the other pale and cold.
Oversensitive to open air, great aversion to wind, especially
about ears, toothache if anything warm is taken into the
mouth, warm room, in bed, from coffee, during menses
or pregnancy.
Labor pains spasmodic, distressing, wants to get away
from them, tearing down the legs, press upward,
Diarrhea from cold, anger or chagrin, during dentition,
after tobacco, in child-bed, from downward motion
Stool green, watery, corroding, like chopped eggs and
spinach, hot very offensive, like rotten eggs.
Milk runs out in nursing women
Convulsions of children from nursing, after a fit of anger
in mother, violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bead
at night, compel him to walk. Sleepy but cannot sleep.
Burning of sole at night, puts feet out of bed.
Complementary Belladona, in diseases of children,
cranial nerves. abdominal nerves. In cases spoiled by the
use of OPIUM OR MORPHINE in complaints of children.
Mental calmness contra-indicates Chamomilla
Boenninghausen’s Characteristics
Mind: Stupidity, day dreams, mental obtuseness, great
anxious excitability, weeping bowling and tossing about
great anxiety at heart, impatience, peevishness, with
incessant screaming and howling. Bad effects of anger.
with vehemence and wrath, glowing heat of face, hot
sweat or head, spasms, fainting attacks with vertigo,
qualmishness, or paralysis of legs. Aversion to music.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática behhill.




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