Matricaria chamomilla is the correct name although is called
Matricaria currantiana,.Matricaria recutita.
There is always a thread in Cham.
Irritability no civil, subit, and resentment.
There is a particular set of upset cerebral functions, and all
the Nervous system with a higher painful sensible action,
followed by a considerable depression of the vital force and
ailments of the mental faculties.
A good remedy for CHILDREN AND NEW BORNS, who are
nervous, excitable temperamnt oversensitive, child preevish,
fretful, quiet only when carried, impatient, if he does not get
what he wants becomes angry when refused or when offered.
petulantly rejects”too ugly to live”cross spiteful.
Hahneman in M.M. Pura writes that Chamomilla in a small dose,
dimishes in a marked form hipersensibility to sharp pain and
sufferings of the organs do to emotions of excessive emotional
pain. And also will reliefe affections caused by coffee and long
term narcotic paliatives and that it is not appropiate to those who
calmly tolerate pain and with patience.
Cham. will have Vertigo, < bending and sitting straight. Dull, sad, sleeppy but cannot sleep. Does not understand or comprehend appropriate as something like dullness of audition or a look of waking up from a dream. Better from being carried, fasting, warm, wet weather. Worse heat, anger, evening before midnight, Open air, in the wind, eructations. Inferior lip cracked, toothache after warm drinks, especially coffee. Bad breath after eating, and sweat in face after eating or drinking. Pain seems unendurable, drives to despair, One cheek red and hot the other pale and cold. LABOR: pains spasmodic, distressing, wants to get away from them, tearing dowwn the legs, press upward. Diarrhea from Anger"or chagrin, during dentition, after tobacco. Stool green, waterly rotten, offensive like chopped eggs and spinach. CONVULSIONS in children after nursing, after a lift of anger on mother. Burning soles at night, feet out of bed. By Beatriz H Hill




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