Chamomilla for Dentition

This remedy is almost specific for the lesser ailments of dentition. Many physicians, however, express themselves as finding it of doubtful value. It is, however, a most useful remedy, and those who use it in the lower potencies are the only ones who are disappointed in its use.
It is a remedy which acts far better in the 6th or 12th potencies than in strengths below these.

Its symptoms are well known; child is peevish and fretful, one cheek is red, the other pale. The head and scalp are bathed in sweat, and a greenish, offensive diarrhoea is present The mental condition of the child will invariably indicate the drug. The gums are red and tender.

Dr. Dewey




  1. Hyland makes a great teething remedy with Chamomilla and Belladonna plus a few others

  2. This is good for those who always abuse ,angry ,beats other .take very high potency after consultation.

  3. 7month ago while playing cricket I got a blow on my hydrocel with ball and then its starts to pain till the date its paining plz help me what to do which medicine I need to take


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