Many prescribers habitually give Chamomilla to cross babies; but it must be remembered that it is much more certainly indicated

if the child is turbulent,
spoils for a fight or must be appeased at all costs.

They are all-around bad little men; too much taken up with their own cussedness to be as alert as the typical Nuxvomica children usually are.

Reference C. M. Boger




  1. Chamomila 12X teething, irritating and un cosolable child, needs to be lifted in arms, loose motion greenish like chopped eggs durinf teething process also give calcarea phosphoricum 3x 4 times 2 tabs dissolved in a teaspoon of water in other cases ear eache 30C is effectual

  2. A life saver! I can’t even begin to explain. I read this one to my husband, and we both laughed, at its truth!

  3. And to women with unbearable pains after anger and disappointment because of being treated badly in a friendship..

  4. ضدى ،غصيل اور چڈچڈے بچوں کی
    کامیاب دوا ھے،،

  5. Tamara Basson this is the wonder remedy that helps Gabi so much U0001f60a fantastic for massive meltdowns in Aspergers.

  6. It’s children remedy especially teething age but we can use for all ages according to symptom

  7. Magnífico remedio de la infancia y también para la edad adulta en múltiples ocasiones.

  8. I used this for my kids when teething and it was brilliant. I also used chamomile essential oil rubbed behind ear to deal wit ear infection they once got (twins) . My friends child also got ear infection and she used antibiotics. My kids fine next day, hers continuing ear infections. He then had to have grommets. Natural is the way to go. I love homeopathy and essential oils

  9. chamomilla is very good remedy for children esspecially teeth problems with crying

  10. I find that it brings down a fever in one of my children… Works better than bella donna for him.


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