Dr. Boericke

CHAMOMILLA: for muscular and nerve pain valuable especially in the aftermath of injury in children; will often have more of a sedative effect than codeine.

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    100% sure shot.

  • Punithavathy Ramakrishnan

    It works fantastically for irritable child

  • Pragya Bharadwaj

    i like chamomilla is best remedy for Anger & Pain

  • Laura Keib

    What about people who are allergic to Ragweed and therefore allergic to Chamomile? Is Chamomile that dangerous to take, or is it a distant cousin to Ragweed and therefore can cause no harm?

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    It is for crying babies

  • Sobia Usman

    it is also a good medicine for children

  • Aroush Arhoo

    kids remedy zidi bachon k liye best ha

  • Betsy K Williams

    Chamo I adore this remedy. It surprisingly rescued me from a 9 mo long stiff neck ache. “Ailment from mortification” was the magic words that unraveled the case.

  • Manoj Oza

    होमीयो पैथी का हिंदी में कोई वेब हे

  • Max Wilks

    Great kids remedy

  • Shelly Southerland

    Would this work well for caffeine withdrawals?

  • Hifza Tanvir

    It also helps 4 ,crying babies,good

  • Ganesh Nagare

    Thanks for the information