Centaury- The Service Flower


Centaury (Erythraea Centaurium): The Service Flower

From Passive service, to active service

“Kind, quiet, gentle people who are overanxious to serve others.”-Edward Bach

People in a Centaury state can have trouble choosing between servitude and selfishness. There is a vulnerability for those in a centaury state, they feel the need to serve others to receive self-validation. In doing so, their compulsions to serve others leaves them neglecting their own self needs.

Positive qualities:

  • Serving others from inner strength
  • Act from a place of inner purpose
  • Saying “no” when appropiate

Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Neglect own needs
  • Weak willed and easily exploited
  • Cannot say “no”
  • Timid, quiet, submissive
  • Acting to please

Homeopathic Form & keynotes:


  • Congested head
  • Scalp feels tight
  • Constipation
  • Stitching pain, buzzing,roaring in ears
  • Sleeplessness



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Jamie Streett
Energist Jamie Streett- CiHom;CFEP of Energist.net is a Homeopath (CiHom), Flower Essence Practitioner (CFEP), & an Emotions Expert; who specializes in assisting people and pets who suffer illness as a result of being imbalanced energetically/emotionally. While Jamie takes on all clients, she is well versed in Lyme Disease & co after her husband nearly died from it; & Her personal specialty is in rebalancing the Energy/Emotional body that has been imbalanced from chronic stress. Specifically- overwhelm, hormone imbalances, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Jamie sees clients "virtually" worldwide and is now accepting new clients.



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