CENCHRIS CONTOTRIX: Copperhead snake of North America (USA).

Tincture from the poison. Like other snakes, affects the system profoundly.

Like Arsenicum has dysnea, mental and physical restlessness, thirst for small
quantities of water, necessity of clothing loose like Lach.
Marked alternation of moods, vivid dreams. It is a wonderful and restorative deep acting
remedy, increased sexual desire in both sexes, with right ovarian region painful.

Forgetful, absent minded, alternating moods.

Aching pain in frontal eminence and left side of the teeth. Swelling or itching around eyes.
Heart feels distended, fills as whole chest fell down in abdomen, sharp stitches,
fluttering under left scapula

Dream: horrible and vivid dreams, lascive.

Modalities: worse by pression, lying, in the afternoon and at night.