What comes to mind when you think of Causticum?

  • Bharat Bhushan Sharma

    Best remedy for paralysis involuntary urine during sleep by child

  • Rebekah Copas

    excessive sympathy for others suffering; worms in some persons, and warts that weep in others; difficulty moving and/or gross motor control, . . . delayed walking in infants

  • Harbans Dhawan

    Stiffness of any part of the body reminds me of causticum.

  • HomeStratosphere

    who else loves Decorating ?

  • Rupali Bhagoria Suryavanshi

    Sore throat and warts

  • Muhammad Adnan AU

    best remedy for one part of paralysis and other, involuntary urine,when coughing,sneezing….and retension urine after surjical operation… loss of sensibility on passing urine…. and also warts…

  • Daphne Vagia Vakali

    Compasion, anxiety and cares for others. Fear, something will happen.