Causticum -Homeopathic remedy

What comes to mind when you think of Causticum?

  • Rebecca Stirrup

    Albert Kamanga This one is for you and your colleagues! lLittle pony!

  • Rohit Rathi

    paralysis of the singal part of the body …..acne at puberty

  • Bianca D Goncalves

    My clinical trial proved that it is 76% effective in treating stress urinary incontinence compared to placebo 39%

  • Sn Sahoo

    contraction of muscles with paralysis, involuntary urine (drop drop of urine comes without knowledge of patient) and also used in born cases its worked….

  • Madhavi Krishna

    Cures burns and scalds and removes warts of the uncovered body.

  • Anandi Nandakumar

    Paralysis involving single part.

  • Sujata Tiwari


  • Sujata Tiwari

    Involuntary urination.throat.stiffness of. Knee and back.paralysis

  • Jagabandhu Debnath

    It is a right sided remedy.Symphathitic,chilli,always bad thingking,restless in bed, aversion sweet, stool standing position.

  • Cecilie Røed

    (As if) shortening of tendons

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    Rhumatic Arthetic Tearing pains of fibrous tissue. One-sided (Right) added advantage

  • Tsony Naydenov

    Burn injuries; Loss of someone very close; Fire blight (bacterial plant disease); Cantharis.

  • Jamie Streett-CiHom

    ☆following☆ great insight everyone. I have this but didn’t know it covered so much more than I was aware of.

  • Phani Sundar

    Suppressed heavily by some one, burn injury, facial paralysis & convulsions due to cysticercus in Brain

  • Muhammad Adnan AU

    one side of paralysis any part of body… and other wise causticum is best remedy of involuntary urine when coughing,sneezing

  • Syama Prasad

    One sided paralysis

  • Pamela Joynt

    Another must have home remedy

  • Javier Conde Ponce

    guerrillero… lucha por los demas… compasivo por otros…terrorista en potencia

  • Javier Conde Ponce

    Paralisis facial derech pero no izquierda….

  • James Mac

    kali inflexibility (here about some sort of political or national cause mentally) on all levels, the difference here being approaching paralysis. Burns / scalds. Bladder problems, particularly paralysis after surgery / catheterisation. Good tonic for incontinent old dogs.

  • Muhammad Arif

    History of many shock s

  • Cecilie Røed

    Cough with difficulties reaching the phlegm behind the sternum

  • Archana Vyas

    Anarchist, great sympathy for suffering of others…fighting for justice. ..

  • Sneha Bhandari

    Sensitivity to Justice!!! Stool passed better by standing. Involuntary urinatiion on cough

  • Kartar Singh

    Gradual paralysis involving Local organs. Warts on the face and fingers.

  • Venkatesan RK

    Bet wetting, paralysis, winter Rheumatic pains, throat hoarseness..

  • Badarulislamsheikh Islam Sheikh

    Burns nd paralysid

  • Shadia Omar

    Stricture and tension and difficulties in managing life events ..too tense

  • Beena Chhatpar

    Deep nerves pain and facial paralysis

  • Tapan Das

    one of the leading remedy for KELOID.

  • Tapan Das


  • Md Kawsar

    Very soft mind

  • Neelima Bhatt

    Chronic rhumatism and local paralysis