Causticum is one of the great polychrest medicines of the Chronic Diseases. It is both antipsoric and antisycotic and antisyphilitic.

The leading feature of the Causticum effects is Paralysis, showing itself both in voluntary and involuntary muscles. The weakening effect of potassium in allopathic overdosing is well known, and is strongly brought out in the Causticum provings.

Paralytic weakness. Paralysis of single nerves or single parts. Ptosis; facial paralysis; paralysis of tongue; of extremities; of vocal cords; of bladder; of rectum; lead paralysis. Allied to paralysis are convulsions, chorea, cramps, starting, restlessness, twitching. Contraction of flexor tendons. Trembling. Neuralgic and rheumatic affections; tearing, drawing pains. There is a headache which draws and tears through the body. Glandular indurations are prominent.

In children there are many symptoms of scrofula. There is a weakened and emaciated appearance, especially about the face, the abdomen being large. Skin dirty-white. Scrofulous inflammations about eyes, ears, and scalp. The paralytic element comes out in slow learning to talk and walk, and stumbling on attempting to walk. In chorea the right side is more affected than left words seem to be jerked out. During the night the legs are constantly “on the go.” This kind of restlessness is characteristic of Caus.

The mental state is timid, nervous, anxious. Apprehensive of impending misfortune. Conscience-stricken as if she had committed a crime. Full of fearful fancies, by warmth. Headache; cannot keep upper eyelids up. Vertigo, excitement of brain and spine, incapable, tends to fall forward or sideways (locomotor ataxy); with anxiety, weakness in head, sight as if through a fog; skin dry and hot; constipation. Eruptions on scalp behind ears. Sounds re-echo unpleasantly an ordinary voice sounds loud. Facial paralysis from cold draught neuralgia of right cheekbones to mastoid process by bending double, in summer. Tendency to escape during the day, from any extra exertion, laughing, walking. Epilepsy has been cured by Caust., when fit occurs in sleep and urine escapes. Coughing expels urine. (Kraft has cured cases of incontinence following over-distension of the bladder owing to want of opportunity to attend to the call to urinate at the time, such as occurs in shop-girls and school-girls, who cannot leave their tasks.) Prostatitis and urethritis. Itching scrotum; cannot retain urine. Blood with semen. Sexual appetite in women is abolished. Constant indifference, the only time there is any inclination is after the period. Sadness during period. Period too early, too abundant; after it, a little blood passes occasionally, smelling badly. Nursing women lose their milk after exertion or long sleep. Hoarseness (with dry cough and redness of fauces), the result of weather or catching cold, (rheumatism ceasing on getting warm in bed, but beginning again as soon as he gets up.) On the other hand cold water > face and eruptions, and a swallow of cold water > cough; headache is pains in scalp, ulcers; rhinitis. Heat




  1. After normal delivery ,a lady due to misuse of anaesthesia she lost her voise..throat parelysed.lost her memory .I found the Greatcausticum ,in the meteriamedica .ItSupported her with varma treatment.


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