Smart Snacking

Most people can't get through the day without snacking. There's nothing wrong with having a few snacks during the day to get you through...
Leaky gut

Leaky Gut

What is leaky gut? Leaky gut occurs when there is damage to the intestinal wall. Irritation and inflammation can cause an increase in gut permeability....


Magnesium is essential for the functioning of the muscles, blood, bones, cells, immune system, metabolism and digestion. The human body contains 25 grams of...
Immune System

Supporting the Immune System

With the recent change in season there have been many illnesses going around. It seems that at this time of the year everyone is...

Going Back to the Basics

There is a lot of conflicting nutritional information out there, especially on the internet. How do you know what is really healthy and which...
Stomach acid

Low Stomach Acid

Having enough hydrochloric acid is essential for proper digestion. It is now known that many digestive problems which used to be associated with high...
Butter Vs Margarine

Butter vs Margarine

Butter has been a staple food for centuries. But not long ago we were told to lower our intake of saturated fats by replacing...
White bread

Is White Bread Healthy?

Many of us grew up on white bread. We ate it without a second thought and our parents never considered that it might be...

Probiotic Foods

We have around 100 trillion bacteria living inside the gut. Some of these are good and some are bad. Having the right balance is...


Sugar has been given a bad name recently, but it isn't all that bad for you when you consume it in moderate amounts. However...



Homeopathic Hospitals

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