Bitter sweet starters


🍴Sweet potatoes mash on red chicory leaves 🍃 🍃 WHY BITTER FOODS ARE IMPORTANT FOR YOUR HEALTH. 🍃Bitter foods moderate hunger and blood sugar 🍃Because...
Butter Vs Margarine

Butter vs Margarine

Butter has been a staple food for centuries. But not long ago we were told to lower our intake of saturated fats by replacing...


Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is added to baked products, especially bread, to improve the texture. Solid fats yield better texture than liquids, besides improving shelf...
Banana Chocolate Pancake

Banana and Chocolate Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes?! They can be seen as an unhealthy breakfast, brunch or dessert but the great news is they don’t have to...
Teen athletes

Top 5 Protein Shakes for Teen Athletes

A regular athlete or a person visiting a gym gets used to taking supplements before or after the training session. A lot of information...
Good example kids

Set Good Examples for Your Kids in Your Daily Life

A part of good parenting is being able to provide for your kids. This means more than just providing monetary means of support. Kids...

A few tips for replacing bad habits with good ones

We all have bad habits. We eat a lot of sweets, become dependent on social networks, spend too much money on shopping, etc. A...


NUTRITION FOR GOOD HEALTH PECTIN (which literally means "to solidify" ) is a non starch , structural polysaccharide found in fruits and vegetables , mainly...
Coconut water

Benefits of Coconut Water!

Discover the wonderful benefits of Coconut Water! ZERO CHOLESTEROL The best thing about this beverage is that it contains Zero Cholesterol. It contains minerals like Calcium,...
Attractive man

Five Qualities in Men That Draw Women

  There is a lot of false claims about what really attracts women in men. Somesaythateverythingdependsonthesizeofyourwalletwhileothersclaimthatyoushouldbehandsomeandfit. Butwhenwelookaroundandwatchthecoupleswalkingdownthestreet, we will see that all of those claims...

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