natural remedies for cellulitis

Homeopathic & Other Natural Remedies For Cellulitis

With the growth of homeopathy and other natural solutions around the world today, many people are seeking more natural health solutions for their chronic...


The benefits of drinking tea are well known. Recent comprehensive research, on coffee , conducted in US National Cancer Research Institute, Rockville, concluded that drinking...
Leaky gut

Leaky Gut

What is leaky gut? Leaky gut occurs when there is damage to the intestinal wall. Irritation and inflammation can cause an increase in gut permeability....
Immune System

Supporting the Immune System

With the recent change in season there have been many illnesses going around. It seems that at this time of the year everyone is...

Probiotic Foods

We have around 100 trillion bacteria living inside the gut. Some of these are good and some are bad. Having the right balance is...

Addiction is a Devastating Mental Condition But There is Hope

Addiction is the result of a physiological imbalance that takes place in the brain and can offset a person’s life. Many addicts struggle to...
Stress & digestion

Stress and Digestion

Up to 70% of people will have a gastrointestinal problem at some point in their life. When there is no underlying physical cause, stress...
White bread

Is White Bread Healthy?

Many of us grew up on white bread. We ate it without a second thought and our parents never considered that it might be...

Adding a Larger Scope to Health Through Homeopathy

Homeopathy is one of those subjects that’s much discussed but seldom defined. This might seem somewhat surprising to people familiar with the subject. But...

Lose Weight, Feel energetic!

Do you want more energy? Less weight? More balanced moods ? More vitality? Understanding the Glycaemic Load of your meal is the first step towards...

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