Homeopathy for Azoturia

A case of Azoturia

A diseased condition quite frequent with horses, especially mares, in the Autumn. Mr. Bowen, a resident of this city, called on me with the...
Homeopathy for Diabetes

Homeopathy for DIABETES

Skin is cold and dry, gums are spongy, Excessive thirst, Voracious appetite, Constipation, Liver is tender. KALI BROMATUM
Homeopathy for Gastritis


Gastritis after abuse of ice, ice water, ice cream, vinegar, beer, chewing tobacco, alcoholic drinks. Arsenicum album!
Homeopathic for rheumatism

Homeopathy for Rheumatism inDogs

Shortly before the hunting season commenced Mr. Broxter- main inquired of me whether I knew of a Homoeopathic veterinarian. I knew of none and...
Homeopathy for colic

Homeopathy for Colic

Not every colic is the same. Which is why homeopathic remedies work for colic. Just one of the many remedies that can work. These...
Homeopathic remedies for Gastritis


Gastritis is inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis can be caused by irritation due to excessive alcohol use, chronic vomiting, stress, or...
Homeopathy for Sports Injuries


For sports that strain the back, Rowing and weightlifting, Rhus works! Over lifting and straining your lower back
Rhus Sciatica Homeopathy


Sciatica; worse, cold, damp weather, at night. Rhus Tox.
Homeopathy for Bruises

Homeopathy for Bruises

In the treatment of bruises, nothing is more efficacious than Arnica. Hering.
Homeopathy for Menopause


Climacteric is the period in a woman's life which corresponds to Menopause. Symptoms include Hot flashes, Vaginal dryness, Insomnia, Urinary tract infections, Depression and Mood...



BAPTISIA antidotes TYPHUS shots. Dr. A. H. Grimmer.


RHUS TOXICODENDRON: This remedy possesses the power of prevention of Sepsis. Dr. A. N. Mukherji

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Beech- The tolerance flower: from "Know it all to better understanding." "For those who feel they need to see more good and beauty in all...

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Chestnut Bud - The Learning Flower "For those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience and who take a longer time than others to learn the lessons...

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