NUX VOMICA The first stage of ordinary cold in the head brought on by damp, cold weather, or from sitting on damp, cold steps ; associated with sneezing and a stuffy nose. The throat itches and there is a dullness...
Cuprum Cuprum. Inflammatory colic, abdomen hard ; violent spasms of colic as if a knife were thrust into abdomen. Greatly aggravated by drinking cold water. The pains are violent, intermitting with great uneasiness and screaming. Cuprum arsenicum is a valuable remedy...
 Aconite. When the attack comes on suddenly after an exposure to a cold, dry wind, with chilliness, followed by fever, Aconite will be the remedy. It suits colds which be- gin with coughing. It should be administered just as soon...
Bellis perennis This remedy is quite extensively used in what is termed a “fagged womb.” The patients are very tired, want to lie down, have a backache. There is no real disease, but a marked tiredness all the time.
Carbo vegetabilis. A Great deal of sour and rancid belching; burning in the stomach ; sensation as if the food pipe is constricted ; excessive accumulation of gas, with sensation as if it would burst, desire for acidic foods; after a night of excessive drinks...
An exhaustive study of Homeopathic remedies for Cough.
For the maddening pain, stinging, throbbing pains and great sensitiveness. Earaches from sudden change of temperature ; it is worse at night and is aggravated by warmth. Reach out for Aconite
A diseased condition quite frequent with horses, especially mares, in the Autumn. Mr. Bowen, a resident of this city, called on me with the following history of his mare : "This morning I harnessed my mare intending to drive...
REMEDY BUZZ Skin is cold and dry, gums are spongy, Excessive thirst, Voracious appetite, Constipation, Liver is tender. KALI BROMATUM
Gastritis after abuse of ice, ice water, ice cream, vinegar, beer, chewing tobacco, alcoholic drinks. Arsenicum album!

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