I have a vague sick feeling, there really is no cause for this.

WHAT'S THE REMEDY: I have a vague sick feeling, there really is no cause for this. The glands on my neck are all swollen. I...
Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy?

A case of lymphangitis with Lymphadenitis. This lady a mother of a boy and was under my treatment for Allergic Asthma and LYCOPODIUM 0/6...
Constitutional remedy


" I love my children, but they irritate me in the extreme. To be honest, I would rather not be raising them at all....

WHAT'S THE REMEDY: THIS ONE IS FOR THE BEGINNERS: There was a young man from the South Who suffered with terrible gout. He bowed to superiors, but...
Therapeutics - What's the Remedy?

What’s the Remedy?

A case of Rigid os. I found the os uteri somewhat dilated, with the edge hard as stout copper wire, and great muscular rigidity...

My urine it is yeast like. Nobody knows my disease.

WHAT'S THE REMEDY:My urine it is yeast like. Nobody knows my disease. I cannot pass any flatus, it causes a lot of unease. I am a...
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I get weak from having a bath and when the weather is warm. I love my beautiful daughter, I hope she comes to no harm. I...

Uncontrollable laughter. I’ve ulcers in my eye.

WHAT'S THE REMEDY: Uncontrollable laughter. I've ulcers in my eye. I scream from pain in my ovaries. A grunt is my reply. My tongue is partially...


A woman otherwise well and strong, had fluent coryza for three weeks, followed by dull pain in the forehead, with forgetfulness, loss of memory,...

WHAT'S THE REMEDY: ANOTHER ONE FOR BEGINNERS: There was a chap with a big belly Who preferred to cuddle at home by the telly He plodded at...



CIMICIFUGA is only second to PULSATILLA in amenorrhea specially suppressed from cold and emotion. Dr. Cowperthwiate


The progress of a boil may be arrested by SILICEA. Dr. Farrington, M.D

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Bach Flower Essences

Pine – The Self-Acceptance Flower

Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) The Self-Acceptance Flower From Self-Negation to Self-Respect “For those who blame themselves. Even when successful, they think they could have done better, and are...

Flower Essences in the treatment of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

This form of Diabetes is marked by a decrease in insulin production by the beta-cells, that are located in the pancreatic islets. Insulin is...

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