Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy?

This patient is the wife of my father’s elder brother and aged 80 at the time of consultation. She had been under my treatment for...
Acute rescue


ACUTE RESCUE : A female pug of 5 years, is referred to me by a vet doc (usually it is done at the end...
Acute rescue


A lady patient , aged 20 years, suffering from chillblains : swelling of fingers and toes, appearance bluish purplish, itching on the fingers and...
Sensation as if


Sensation as if Ants were crawling in the back. What's the Remedy?
What' the remedy


I'm afraid to spend my money in case I need it later on. I'm angry and impatient, power of arms and legs are gone. I get...
Artistic prescriptions

A case of ADHD

This boy who is a student at the Special school run by a famous Hospital was brought to the clinic for treatment and was...


A woman otherwise well and strong, had fluent coryza for three weeks, followed by dull pain in the forehead, with forgetfulness, loss of memory,...
Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy

This is a house wife aged 28 and mother of two girl children ages 5&3.Her husband a good business executives who have to travel...
Therapeutics - What's the Remedy?

What’s the Remedy?

A case of Rigid os. I found the os uteri somewhat dilated, with the edge hard as stout copper wire, and great muscular rigidity...
Artistic prescriptions

A Case of Peripheral Vertigo

This is a case of Vertigo, a woman who in her late 70s staying nearly a km away from my clinic. Her son who...

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