Acute rescue


A lady patient , aged 20 years, suffering from chillblains : swelling of fingers and toes, appearance bluish purplish, itching on the fingers and...
Therapeutics - What's the Remedy?

What’s the Remedy?

A very irritable lady, suffering under the most violent and threatening nervous symptoms, even spasms ; had hectic fever, sleepless nights, and her mind...
Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy?

This patient is the wife of my father’s elder brother and aged 80 at the time of consultation. She had been under my treatment for...

What’s the Remedy

M., for six months, has lost strength and flesh rapidly ; cannot eat anything ; solid food lies heavily on his chest and makes...

Your thoughts on ACNE

What would one NOT do to take care of acne...including Photoshop! Discuss the various Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of acne. Also welcome for...
acute rescue


A young lady, happily married, complains of a gastric state of little importance. What troubles her most is, an insane desire, when she is...

Can’t take this pain anymore. Don’t want to be alive.

WHAT'S THE REMEDY: Can't take this pain anymore. Don't want to be alive. My bones get violently sore. At work I stress and strive. Excitement and...
Artistic prescriptions


This is a case case of Burkkit's lymphoma or leukemia. The purpose of this post here is to get an idea about one of...
Homeopathy for Vertigo


I have this dullness of the head the whole day. Vertigo on rising from the bed and tend to fall on the right side....

What’s the Remedy

Taciturn, depressed, out of humor. Inclined to internal, undemonstrative grief.Sudden change of sadness and cheerfulness. Weakness of the memory. Fulness and pressure in the stomach,...

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