Sensation as if

Sensation As If

What's the remedy for the sensation as if her breath would leave her when she lies down?
Constitutional classics


All though I am reserved and lack self-confidence, I am determined and focused. I study, maybe over-study over so that people will admire my...

What’s the Remedy

M., for six months, has lost strength and flesh rapidly ; cannot eat anything ; solid food lies heavily on his chest and makes...
Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy?

A case of lymphangitis with Lymphadenitis. This lady a mother of a boy and was under my treatment for Allergic Asthma and LYCOPODIUM 0/6...
Sensation as if


Sensation as if Ants were crawling in the back. What's the Remedy?
Artistic prescriptions


This is a case case of Burkkit's lymphoma or leukemia. The purpose of this post here is to get an idea about one of...
Homeopathy for Vertigo


I have this dullness of the head the whole day. Vertigo on rising from the bed and tend to fall on the right side....
Artistic prescriptions

A case of ADHD

This boy who is a student at the Special school run by a famous Hospital was brought to the clinic for treatment and was...
Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy?

This patient is the wife of my father’s elder brother and aged 80 at the time of consultation. She had been under my treatment for...
Therapeutics - What's the Remedy?

What’s the Remedy?

A very irritable lady, suffering under the most violent and threatening nervous symptoms, even spasms ; had hectic fever, sleepless nights, and her mind...



The progress of a boil may be arrested by SILICEA. Dr. Farrington, M.D


Where a patient has had the so frequently prescribed Barbiturates and contracted the habit, CARBO VEGETALIS is almost a sure antidote. Dr. T.K. Mooore, M.D

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Bach Flower Essences for Menopause

When using Bach Flower essences in a case of menopause the following remedies may prove useful along with personalized essences based on the clients...

Bach Flower Essences for Addiction

Bach flower essences can be pf profound support when dealing with addiction. Some of the keynote remedies are: Agrimony- for those who turn to drugs...

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