WTP 20160520

WTP 20160520

I am indicated when there is prolapsus of Uterus with a heavy bearing down pain. A remedy that you must reach for when you...
Disturbed sleep and Homeopathy


I feel that I would lose consciousness when I fall asleep, and when I do, I dream that I am walking up and down...
WTO 20160514

WTP 20160514

I am indicated when you have itching but no eruptions. Neuralgia of gums, dentition. Herpes zoster and Jaundice. Who am I?
Artistic prescriptions

A case of Primary Infertility due to Oligospermia.

15 years ago a person stepped into my consulting room without sitting in the waiting room . He had no patience and no respect...
Constitutional Classics


" N n n n no ! I am so nervous I c c c can't c c c control myself!"
Climb to the top


" I have so much physical and mental strength that I just know I will reach the summit. Anyway, such an extraordinary feat is...
Artistic prescriptions

What’s the Remedy?

A case of lymphangitis with Lymphadenitis. This lady a mother of a boy and was under my treatment for Allergic Asthma and LYCOPODIUM 0/6...
WTR 20160502

WTP 20160502

I am indicated when all your complaints related to the throat, chest and ovaries are left sided. You feel very sad and depressed as...
Know your Keynotes


Doctor, Just as I am starting to sleep, my breath stops, and I wake up catching my breath with a gasp. I am finding...
WTP 20140429

WTP 20160429

I am indicated when you are averse to do anything. Your eyes tear when reading When reading, a burning sensation in the eye. I...



CHAMOMILLA has been found useful in antidoting the desire for Morphia. Dr. Foubister.


RHUS TOX rarely fails in chronic cases of SCIATICA. Dr. Ruddock

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Bach Flower Essences

Honeysuckle – The Past Flower

Honeysuckle – The Past Flower (Lonicera caprifolium; red/white) From then to now  “Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness or...

Vervain – The Enthusiasm Flower

Vervain- (Verbena Officinalis) The Enthusiasm Flower "From World Savior to Light Bearer." "Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right, and rarely change...

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