Acute rescue


ACUTE RESCUE : A female pug of 5 years, is referred to me by a vet doc (usually it is done at the end...


Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega (1919 – 2005)

Please meet honourable Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega (1919- 2005), Mexican Homeopath, who was an expert on Miasms. He was a teacher at the Free...

I want my hands to be covered, my face looks wrinkled and old.

WHAT'S THE REMEDY: I want my hands to be covered, my face looks wrinkled and old. I,m always washing or wringing my hands I,m afraid...

Xixeixwa is my chief complaint,

Xixeixwa is my chief complaint, i ve' some CARBON taint, i look pale n yellow complexion sallow, side is right with rawness of voice, guess my name ,'m not...

PHILOSOPHY – Homeopathic Philosophy

PHILOSOPHY - Homeopathic Philosophy "Do not supress symptoms that you will need to guide you to a remedy" Beatriz H Hill

Sleepless Stye has pain in his eye

Sleepless Stye has pain in his eye Can't get a wink at night, as much as he tries... Mouth becomes dry with ulcers fiery-looking, The pain in...

I love to be beside the sea completely on my own

WHAT,S THE REMEDY :A little easy one: I love to be beside the sea completely on my own I,m very sad but you won,t see...


REMEDY OF THE DAY. RAUWOLFIA SERPENTINA -Chandra, Known as sarpagandha in sanskrit, chhota-chand in Hindi, pagla-ka-dawa in Bihar, is a small shrub, with smooth leaves, pink or...



Clinical tips for Boils The progress of a boil may be arrested by SILICEA 3X .


Cardiac failure: AMMONIUM CAUSTICUM – Dr. Blackwood

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Bach Flower Essences

Gentian – The Belief Flower

GENTIAN - BACH FLOWER ESSENCE "From Doubt to Trust" "Those who are easily discouraged. They may be progressing well in illness or the affairs of their...

Beech-The Tolerance Flower

Beech- The tolerance flower: from "Know it all to better understanding." "For those who feel they need to see more good and beauty in all...

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