Lachesis: The Venom of the South American Bushmaster snake is the most important of the snake remedies used in Homeopathy. Once the Poison has been potentised all the harm has been removed and the remedy is safe to use.
Cheers Brenda for sharing..Her post at the discussion on Ledum Pal proves the power of Homeopathy.. I LOVE HOMEOPATHY
Pain in the head has Elizabeth Wise And a curious habit of closing her eyes, But with other folks symptoms she'll soon sympathise Although she feels sad. She explains that her sore throat and vocal paralysis And unsightly warts and acne and callouses Are not...
Lovely Linea suffers from anaemia, Shows her paleness,every morning gives her sickness. Frequent urination led to diabetes, Even with copious saliva,has voracious appetite indeed. Burning hot gas in throat,gave rise to tenacious mucous, Smoking makes it worse,has she become conscious? Has lump in the throat...
SPOT THE CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY: (mother) " No, not that way, it has to be this way. You don't know anything!" (child) " I don't know what to do. I don't know what I want." (child)."Who am ? I feel so confused. Everything...
Knowledge of Disease: it is considered as an acute mismatic disorder; eruptions on skin, sudden onset; itching; upon rupture, the affected area form thick yellow crusting. Name the disease, please! Iman
Hi All. Are there any members who are not homeopaths who would like to share their experiences of using homeopathy.
"Doctor, in cold, damp weather I cannot breathe through my nose; my nose stuffs up;" "I must sleep with my mouth open." Who am I?
REMEDY OF THE DAY--------SABINA ( juniperus sabina, Enebro,)( Coniferus cousin of thuja) Tincture made of the fresh stems Remedy for chronic ailments of women, arthritic pains, ailments following abortion or premature labor, tendency to miscarriages, especially at third month. METRITIS, Haemorrhage from the urteus flow...

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