What comes to mind when you think of NUX VOMICA?
Who am I? I am indicated when I am bruised and feel sore all over. Affections from injuries. Hemorrhages from the result of an injury
I am indicated when your heart is dilated, your pulse is weak, abnormally slow and edema of your feet. You have an auricular flutter after a rheumatic fever. Who am I?
#RemedyQuiz I am a specific in some epidemic fevers, in various acute diseases brought on by cold. Who am I?
I am particularly indicated in the anemia of Malaria, a frequent nausea with a dull frontal headache. Who am I?
In the provings I caused a sense of exhilaration, lasting twelve hours, and then followed by depression, which lasted for several days. I am one the remedies you might consider for fidgety legs. Who am I?
I am indicated when you have depression ; unsociableness ; anxiety ; fear of approach of death ; lack of moral sense, a condition as if he had two wills, of which the one annuls what the other impels...
I am indicated when you have Tonsils with white spots and pain runs up to your ear. Pains in the back and limbs. Who am I?
I am an important remedy for respiratory and skin conditions. I am indicated in terrible burning pains and the pain of cancer. Who am I?
I am indicated in Apoplexy. Convulsions. twitching of the eyes,Strangury, and Uterine hemorrhage. Who am I?

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