I am an important remedy for respiratory and skin conditions. I am indicated in terrible burning pains and the pain of cancer. Who am...
WTP 20151229

WTP 20151229

I am indicated in Apoplexy. Convulsions. twitching of the eyes,Strangury, and Uterine hemorrhage. Who am I?
WTP 20151221

WTP 20151221

I was proved with the following symptoms 1. A little giddiness in the head at times (after two weeks), (from the tincture). 2. Pain in...

WTP 20151211

In my provings, these were some of the symptoms I caused. Great despondency. A loud singing in the right ear. Throat sore all night,...

Who am I?

I am indicated in violent spasms that comes on by touching larynx. Acute mania, generally of a sexual type, amorous frenzy, fiery desire for...

WTP 20151129

I am indicated in intolerable itching, especially of soles. Profuse sweating, acne. A remedy of choice for Leprosy and Lupus without ulceration. Who am I?

WTP 20151124

I am a uterine tonic and indicated when you suffer from uterine prolapse, with a back ache and you are always conscious about your...

WTP 20151122

At the proving these were some of the symptoms During the afternoon, very slight shocks heard in the ear as of very distant artillery;...

WTP 20151120

During the proving this is what the prover felt. Throat feels swollen; epiglottis dry, and has a burning sensation; constant desire to swallow saliva...
WTP 20151105

WTP 20151105

I am indicated in chronic bronchitis; cough, with thick expectoration. Vertigo when I bend down.A frequent urge to urinate but only pass a few...



One would think of COCCULUS INDICUS in cases which develop a nervous type of dermatitis or eruption. Many of the eczemas and seborrhea fall...

CLINICAL TIPS: SEPIA, given repeatedly, cures enuresis occurring in first sleep. Dr. Boeninghausen

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Bach Flower Essences

Walnut- The Midwife Flower

Walnut (Juglans Regia) The Midwife flower "From Vacillation to Inner Steadfastness" "For those who have definite ideas and ambitions in life and are fulfilling them, but on rare occasions are...

Heather – The Identity Flower

Heather – The Identity Flower (Calluna Vulgaris) From Needy Child to Understanding Adult  “Those who are always seeking companionship of anyone who may be available as...

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