MATERIA MEDICA : The chronic subject is very cold and bloodless and cannot get warm even in a warm room and by warm clothing; So chilly and so sensitive to cold that feels the air blowing on her/him in...
MATERIA MEDICA : The over-sensitive, nervous, delicate person, worn out from long suffering, much sorrow and vexation, and prolonged mental work; also such as are broken down from sexual excesses and vices.( 1st comment)...
MATERIA MEDICA : Epileptic spasms. Convulsions of children; but the remedy must be given when not in the convulsion to secure the best effect.The mind shows above all a tired and weak brain. Suffering in the head from mental...
MATERIA MEDICA:Great general weakness;feeble reaction;extreme sensitivity, and nervous trembling, are marked features in this remedy.Patients greatly broken by long suffering, pain and sickness, physical more than mental suffering, finally anemia and emaciation are marked.Sensitive to cold; always chilly.

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