Who am I? What are my keynotes?
Who am I? I am indicated when you crave for buttermilk, hemorrhage from uterine fibroid with cramps and expulsion of clots.


MATERIA MEDICA : Ecchymoses, purpura haemorrhagica. The hemorrhagic disposition with many complaints. Black fluid blood from all the orifices of the body. It has many of the complaints found in old people. The -morning aggravation of symptoms is also...
What's the Latin name for this flower and its keynote.
At the proving these were some of the symptoms During the afternoon, very slight shocks heard in the ear as of very distant artillery; Sneezing with coryza at times during the day, with a cough as from cold, more...
I am indicated in chronic bronchitis; cough, with thick expectoration. Vertigo when I bend down.A frequent urge to urinate but only pass a few drops. Who am I?
When you eat the raw seeds, they are poisonous and produce spasmodic pains, giddiness, and partial paralysis. C. F. Fischer proved me and used it clinically in cases of convulsions. Who am I?


Cough, sometimes dry, but generally loose, worse during the day, not troublesome at night. This is important, as more coughs are < at night. Profuse, fluent coryza, with violent cough and abundant expectoration. Profuse, fluent coryza in morning, with...
ACUTE RESCUE : An elderly lady 75 yrs, made a call to me saying- "since I cannot walk, all of a sudden since yesterday, will you be kind enough to visit my place". when I saw her at her...
MATERIA MEDICA : Special action on the uterus; also upon serous and fibrous membranes; hence its use in gout. Hypochondriacal mood. Low-spirited and joyless. Inflammation of the uterus after parturition. Increased sexual desire, almost amounting to nymphomania.Labor-like pains drawing down into...

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