Paris quadrifolia

Paris quadrifolia

What comes to mind when you think of Paris quadrifolia?
Nux vomica

Nux Vomica

What comes to mind when you think of NUX VOMICA?
WTP 20160828

WTP 20160828

I was proved first in 1933, then in 1971. I am indicated in vesicular eruptions, vertigo, muscular weakness, tinnitus and Asthma. Who am I?
WTR 20160812

WTR 20160812

I am the great Anti-Psoric. I have an affinity for the skin and a burning that increases in the warmth of the bed. I...
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This is a valuable remedy in some inflammatory conditions, the remedy has a tendency for local congestion and has affinity for the lungs and...
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WTP 20160418

I am indicated when you have vertigo, headache, and a sensation as if a bar were placed over your stomach. Vomiting fuids lightly colored...
Arundo - Homeopathy


What comes to mind when you think of Arundo?
WTP 20160127

WTP 20160127

I am indicated when you have depression ; unsociableness ; anxiety ; fear of approach of death ; lack of moral sense, a condition...
WTF 20150715

WTF 20150715

Who am I? What is my latin name? A famous homeopath compared me with Eupatorium perf.
Clinical case


A lady of 50 years presents with a swelling on the left lower jaw since early morn today, swelling ..the size of a table...



CLINICAL TIPS: Hypericum HYPERICUM quite supercedes the use of Morphia after operations in my hands. Dr. Helmuth.


GLINICUM wipes out half the cases of SCIATICA that pass my way. Dr. Burnett.

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Bach Flower Essences

Beech-The Tolerance Flower

Beech- The tolerance flower: from "Know it all to better understanding." "For those who feel they need to see more good and beauty in all...

Rock Water – Flexibility

Rock Water The Flexibility Flower From Dogmatic Discipline to Attentiveness “For those who are very strict in their way of living, they deny themselves many of the...

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