The Calcarea fluorica homeopathic remedy is derived from the original chemical compound of fluoric acid and lime.  The fluoride part of the compound makes a superficial hardness with no resilience. Click here to learn more about the origin of this remedy.   Calcarea...
The Arabians first introduced Nux Vomica as a medicinal agent. Serapion describes the bean of the Strychnos St. Ignatii as Nux Vomica, and it is probable that his Nux Mechil is the Nux Vomica of the moderns. Gerarde says...
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This remedy has particular action on the lymphatic system. Acts well in the peculiar disease called leucocytosis, which is when there is excessive white blood corpuscles in the blood. Also useful in indurated glands, especially Tonsils, breast cancer. Strumous...
What comes to mind when you think of Lycopodium clavatum?
"Doctor, in cold, damp weather I cannot breathe through my nose; my nose stuffs up;" "I must sleep with my mouth open." Who am I?
What comes to mind when you think of Paris quadrifolia?
What comes to mind when you think of NUX VOMICA?
I was proved first in 1933, then in 1971. I am indicated in vesicular eruptions, vertigo, muscular weakness, tinnitus and Asthma. Who am I?
I am the great Anti-Psoric. I have an affinity for the skin and a burning that increases in the warmth of the bed. I am also indicated when many complaints relapse. Who am I?
I am indicated when you have depression ; unsociableness ; anxiety ; fear of approach of death ; lack of moral sense, a condition as if he had two wills, of which the one annuls what the other impels...

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