ACUTE RESCUE : Last evening, got a phone call from a mother of a 3 yr old boy, " my child of 3 yrs is having terrible pain in his right ear, severe pain, wailing due to pain, since...
Mother came with daughter and said, " See Dr, my daughter of 14 yrs suffers from very painful periods on the 1st day only and when her menses begin, the cramps start to come in her abdomen, pain in...
"Doctor, in cold, damp weather I cannot breathe through my nose; my nose stuffs up;" "I must sleep with my mouth open." Who am I?
When you eat the raw seeds, they are poisonous and produce spasmodic pains, giddiness, and partial paralysis. C. F. Fischer proved me and used it clinically in cases of convulsions. Who am I?
I am indicated when you feel Dizzy, better lying on back. Fainting. Numbness and blindness. Nausea and vomiting, followed by creeping chills from feet upward. Who am I?
MATERIA MEDICA : Loquacity, he talks rapidly. She is inconsolable over a fancied misfortune; runs around the room howling and screaming or sits brooding, wailing and weeping." Alternate states of brooding, screaming, and screeching. Troublesome headaches, neuralgic, of great...
The Calcarea fluorica homeopathic remedy is derived from the original chemical compound of fluoric acid and lime.  The fluoride part of the compound makes a superficial hardness with no resilience. Click here to learn more about the origin of this remedy.   Calcarea...
I am indicated when you have a fever, with shivering from your head to foot, as if you back would break, nausea from the sight and smell of food. Who am I?
I was proved first in 1933, then in 1971. I am indicated in vesicular eruptions, vertigo, muscular weakness, tinnitus and Asthma. Who am I?
I am the great Anti-Psoric. I have an affinity for the skin and a burning that increases in the warmth of the bed. I am also indicated when many complaints relapse. Who am I?

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