ACUTE RESCUE: A female aged 47 yrs, after working in the kitchen for 2 hours, felt as if her clothes and arms had got soiled, from the kitchen waste, splashed her face and arms with normal tap water, and...
Sensation as if eyes were tightly bound by a cloth. What's the remedy?
K has had for the past five days, giddy spells whenever he enters his house after walking home ; some frontal headache ; slight pain in the stomach ; constipation. What's the remedy?
I have a sensation as if I was covered in gooseflesh during a fever.
ACUTE RESCUE : A male patient, 48 yrs old, a driver by profession, came to fetch medicine for his Sir, said- "Dr - Do u have some medicine for me too..?" Yes, pl detail me your symptoms. "Iam having...
I am indicated in aberrations of the mind. I alternate between praying and swearing, and fly into a rage when my plans are thwarted. Who am I?
ACUTE RESCUE : A child aged 8 yrs, mother of whom called me, saying.. Dr my child slept again in the forenoon, after playing for sometime in the morning, since it is his holiday today, I feel he is...
ACUTE RESCUE : A 13 year old girl, presents with pain abdomen, towards right of umbilicus, covers the area with her right palm and says- see here. Has been having this for the past 15 days, but is now...
I am indicated in plica polonica, eczema of the head and face. Who am I?
I really want to leave my home, I,ve gout in my big toes. My discharges explode out and blood comes out my nose. My skin it looks a bit orange. I stretch and yawn with a chill. I have arthritic nodules. Supressed...

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