Acute rescue 20151022


A male child aged 7 yrs, of poor economic status, was brought by mother, said - " See Dr, he studies in a boarding school for the economically backward in the mountainous regions of Uttarakhand India, he has this severe...
" This is the story of my life! This queue is moving SO slowly, now I will never get everything done on time... and I am SO tired."
"Arghh ! there's another long piece...and I only just checked the whole lawn this morning."
During the proving of this remedy, I caused the following symptoms 1. He woke up with great anxiety and solicitude, without cause, at 1 A.M.; unable to sleep; felt wide awake, with so many thoughts running through his head; on...
Pain in right hip-joint down along the sciatic nerve to ankle. Treated four weeks Allopathically. Better from warmth, worse from cold. First motion very painful, gradually getting better from continued motion. What's the remedy?
Enlargement and induration of liver ; abdomen distended and soft, sore pains all over it, particularly around the navel ; high fever, unquenchable thirst, when swallowing feels a small, hard lump in throat ; sensation as if a worm...
I used to have this headache on one side, which has come on again. It's like a tight band is around the head, as if I am wearing a hat that is too tight. There is this pain just...
Doctor, I am suffering from constipation , and I really need to strain to pass stools. The haemmorhoids are really painful. Feels like glass splinters are sticking in my anus. The pain after I pass stools is excruciating. I...
"This is so awful day after day, but I won't lower myself to his level. Anyway, if I DID retaliate or I will only get into trouble with the teachers."

What’s the Remedy

Timid Tom cannot be calm Imagines dead people , has fear of evil. Cannot seems to remember Feels like in slumber, Wants to be in motion, But feels worse with this notion. Catches cold in a weather so wet, Open air he loves the best ; Throat...

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