Give the symptoms of China in dyspepsia ?  
know your remedy


Cold Claude is very depressed, T'is great arctic coldness is what he's possessed. Cold pressure in skull gave crawling cold feeling in muscles of face, There's also cold tongue and breath which left him in a daze ! Feels a sensation as if...
Mrs. W., aged thirty, nervous temperament, dark complexion ; complained of a sense of fullness after eating; flatulency; tenderness over the gastric and hepatic regions; periodical anxiety; depression of spirits and melancholy, with thoughts of suicide ; occasional pains...
I the provings I caused the following symptoms: Vertigo on waking, Weakness of sight. Excited sexual desire. Too speedy ejaculation of semen, without pleasure. Dreams about the treatment and the doctor.
Who am I? What are my keynotes?
ACUTE RESCUE : A female child of 2 yrs and 3 months, is brought with complaints of very poor appetite, eats walls plaster mud, raw rice, sand, and suffers from loose stools for the past 2-3 months, craves pickles...
A Lady complains of intense pain in eyes and her whole head for two days — worst over left eye. Aggravated in the forenoon from stooping ; better while eating, lying down, after sleeping. After a little sleep would...
Toward evening she suddenly fails to recognize her friends, screams out loud, laughs, weeps, talks disconnectedly, now as if in fright, then of her death ; thinks she is surrounded by strange persons who insult her, seeks to fly....

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