A Lady complains of intense pain in eyes and her whole head for two days — worst over left eye. Aggravated in the forenoon from stooping ; better while eating, lying down, after sleeping. After a little sleep would...
Taciturn, depressed, out of humor. Inclined to internal, undemonstrative grief.Sudden change of sadness and cheerfulness. Weakness of the memory. Fulness and pressure in the stomach, -pit of the stomach,- as if he had eaten too much. Stitches in the stomach,...
My stomach is distended from all the wind in there. My head is hot, my breath is cool. I like to be fanned for air. My pupils don't react to light. I'm indifferent to sights and sounds. I don't like noise or...
Sensation as if he had swallowed too much of Air.

What’s the Remedy

Timid Tom cannot be calm Imagines dead people , has fear of evil. Cannot seems to remember Feels like in slumber, Wants to be in motion, But feels worse with this notion. Catches cold in a weather so wet, Open air he loves the best ; Throat...
I am indicated in itching, a runny nose and a post nasal drip. Who am I?

ACUTE RESCUE : A telephonic conversation:- Mother- Doctor my baby(male) of 2 yrs has been passing loose stools since morning, were not that frequent , but today since morning passed absolutely watery stools, almost every 10-15 minutes, he is now...
What comes to mind when you think of Nux moschata?
I have a sensation as if a Bell struck and forcing me to get up at night. What's the remedy?
Moaning, groaning and restlessness during the fever ; ravenous hunger with thirst during the fever, white tongue, heat in the abdomen, especially in the region of the liver, liver indurated ; asthmatic cough. What's the remedy?

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