Constitutional remedy

What’s the remedy?

Anxiety, burning in stomach and contraction in abdomen ; fear drives me out of bed ; walks about moaning ; anxiousness in evening ,...
wtp 2050824


I am indicated in plica polonica, eczema of the head and face. Who am I?


After humiliation, sad, gloomy and weary of life. Often pain in the forehead, earthy face, dark rings around the eyes; bitter no taste in...


Give the symptoms of China in dyspepsia ?  
Bellis perennis

What comes to mind?

What comes to mind when you think of Bellis perennis?
What' the remedy

What’s the Remedy?

After a fright — a heavy feeling in the forehead. A week later she told her mother not to look at her ; seems...
WTR 20150929

WTR 20150929

I am indicated in sneezing and a fluent coryza all day. Find it very difficult to remember names. Who am I?
Nux moschata


What comes to mind when you think of Nux moschata?
wtp 20150903

WTP 20150903

Plato has written about me. I am indicated in sudden loss of strenght while walking. great weakness of the body and mind. Who am...
homoeopathy remedy


Feels the greatest anguish in the head with a whirling before the eyes everyday, from 5 a. m. until 5 p. m., since two...


VIBURNUM PRUNIFOLIUM is particularly valuable in preventing abortion and miscarraige; whether...

CLINICAL TIPS: VIBURNUM PRUNIFOLIUM is particularly valuable in preventing abortion and miscarraige; whether habitual or otherwise; whether threatened from accidental causes, or criminal drugging....

Nail Biting

Dr. Boger in his little synoptic key, gives 3 remedies for NAIL BITING; ARSENICUM, SANICULA, HYOCYAMUS. I have found SANICULA to be the...

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Bach Flower Essences

Hornbeam – The Vitality Flower

Hornbeam - The Vitality Flower (Carpinus betulus; yellow/green) From Listlessness to Mental Freshness  “For those who feel they have not sufficient strength, mentally of physically to...

Rock Water – Flexibility

Rock Water The Flexibility Flower From Dogmatic Discipline to Attentiveness “For those who are very strict in their way of living, they deny themselves many of the...

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