The Arabians first introduced Nux Vomica as a medicinal agent. Serapion describes the bean of the Strychnos St. Ignatii as Nux Vomica, and it is probable that his Nux Mechil is the Nux Vomica of the moderns. Gerarde says...
Quotes: "Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can...I wear my heart on my sleeve...Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons."
A lady of 28 years, applied hair dye and she suffered from oozing eruptions on the scalp, where she sprinkled talcum powder and suffered from a reaction in general with oedema around eyes. Afebrile, pain sore on scalp. No...
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Fretful Fred is always restless, He's a child who's irritable causeless. Grinds his teeth, is hungry after a meal, Picks his nose, as itching is unbearable to deal ! Has urine so pungent and blood coloured... Feels always his abdomen distended. Are worms troubling poor...
"What happened to the joy I used to have when I was single and carefree ?"
What comes to mind when you think of Paris quadrifolia?
"Arghh ! there's another long piece...and I only just checked the whole lawn this morning."
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Dr ,Since you gave me that medicine for pain abdomen , which was in the mid abdomen and a feeling of vomiting, which occurred after rich fatty food intake, I am feeling much better, but see I am so...
(Mother) "She is such a bright, restless, mischievous soul, but also very unstable; her moods change as quickly as she changes her mind. If she doesn't get 100% of the attention, she just withdraws; won't speak at all."
This lady of 38 yrs suffered from this type of throat with pain,a choking sensation, constricted feeling with body ache, malaise headache and fever. Chily feeling and unwell feeling, not thirsty. Causation: eating a chilled mango from the fridge...

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