please, give me veratrum`s so so so so bad being that way? what if u give a patient? he becomes a nice person?
In his book a Model of Health.....wrote: "The relation of the human being with the universe." Man lives in the universe as an integrated part of it. By the fact, the individual exists and interacts with the enviroment throughout his capacity to interchange...
After an embarrassment she is sad, gloomy and weary of life. Often pain in the forehead, earthy face, dark rings around the eyes ; bitter sapid taste in the mouth ; dislikes meat and bread ; nausea, with pain...
PHILOSOPHY; SAMUEL HAHNEMANN Four key points seem clear about the first provings. Firstly, they derived from his studies and detailed knowledge of drugs in use at the time; secondly, that as the project evolved empirically he must have been made...
"What happened to the joy I used to have when I was single and carefree ?"
SPOT THE CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY: "For generations the males in my family have all been master wizards, I obeyed and became one too... but truthfully all what I really wanted was to be a poet. "
(OLD ONE)WHAT,S THE REMEDY:Swollen glands like a string of beads. Bony growths, Nodosities. Skeletal decay, a rotten jaw. Neuralgic pain from a dentist I saw.
Cheers Brenda for sharing..Her post at the discussion on Ledum Pal proves the power of Homeopathy.. I LOVE HOMEOPATHY!/notes/irish-society-of-homeopaths/timetable-of-speakers-for-the-ish-conference-june-25th-26th-the-gibson-hotel-poi/160115360718984

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