Ferrum phos sprains


Ferrum phosphoricum is the first remedy in cuts, wounds, bruises, sprains, lacerations, etc. It should be given at once till the pain and inflammation...
Ferrum phos rheumatism


A Quick Cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism. April 23rd was called to see a young man with inflammatory rheumatism; temperature 103°; tongue coated yellow; left...
Ferrum phos Fevers


Ferrum phosphorica is the chief remedy in the first stage, for heat, fever, chilliness, headache, dryness of the throat, earache, and all inflammatory conditions....
Calcarea phos

Calcarea phosphorica

Child, 18 months old; had cut but two lower lateral incisors and the molars of lower and upper jaw. Thin; poorly nourished; "pigeon-breast" chest;...


A young lady, aged 24. Had been troubled every month since her puberty with severe pains in the uterus, back and loins, beginning several...
Kali phosphoricum

Kali phosphoricum

A young gentleman, J. G., the son of a landed proprietor, had been subject to severe attacks of asthma for several years, and all...
Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Scheussler

Good Health with Schuesslers salts

Health is the state of the body when all the various tissues are in a normal condition; and they are kept in this state...


Ear pain

PLANTAGO MAJOR is our sheet-anchor for otalgia independent of organic lesions. Dr. Houghton


If you have a case of Meniere's disease, consider Calcarea carbonica. It is a near specific. Dr. Schwartz.

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Bach Flower Essences

Vervain – The Enthusiasm Flower

Vervain- (Verbena Officinalis) The Enthusiasm Flower "From World Savior to Light Bearer." "Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right, and rarely change...

Centaury- The Service Flower

Centaury (Erythraea Centaurium): The Service Flower From Passive service, to active service "Kind, quiet, gentle people who are overanxious to serve others."-Edward Bach People in a Centaury...

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