Cured After Repeated Failures with Other Remedies. On January 11th I was summoned to attend a case of rheumatism. On questioning the patient, found he had had one attack some time before, which lasted three months, treated by an...
Eczema and eruptions of the skin, if accompanied with malignant conditions; offensive odor; exhausting perspirations; nervousness; secretions cause soreness; bloody, watery secretions, etc.
KALI PHOSPHORICUM Acute or chronic rheumatism, with stiffness of the parts or associated with nervous conditions; pains worse on beginning to move, but relieved by continual gentle motion.
Schuessler's salts Ferrum phosphoricum for Childbed fever During pregnancy, for vomiting of undigested food. After labor, for after-pains, milk fever, and to heal the bruised or lacerated parts. Inflammation or inflammatory pains in the womb; also for the fever, pain,...
The primary remedy for Rheumatism especially when your diet is high in fat and you have accompanying symptoms of nausea and vomiting. When the symptoms are acute you can alternate with ferrum phosphoricum.
Schuessler's Salts For Gumboils When first noticed, to reduce the swelling and  check pus formation.
Schuessler's salts for Hoarseness. Painful hoarseness of speakers and singers, with inflammation; from overexertion of the voice, or from taking cold; scraping of the throat, with sensation of dryness. Cured cases Mr. P. , a minister, was troubled with hoarseness after preaching; there...
After all fevers, it helps promote the formation of new tissue and aid convalescence. Can be given inter-currently in all fevers, to prevent the destruction of tissues.
Ferrum Phosphoricum — For the first or inflammatory stage, or as a preventive; takes cold easily. Catarrhal fever; congestion of the nasal membranes; fever; pains in the head, chest or extremities. Alternate with the remedy called for by the...
Schuessler Salts for Weak Eyesight Weak eyesight from weakness or exhaustion after disease. Blindness from partial decay of the optic nerve; dilated pupils. Drooping of the lids or squinting after diphtheria, from weakness of the muscles.

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