The chief remedy in this disease; white- coated tongue; breasts swollen and painful; to prevent ''caking." Alternate with Ferrum phos. If a few doses of Ferrum phos. and Kali mur. are given about the time the secretion of milk...
After all fevers, it helps promote the formation of new tissue and aid convalescence. Can be given inter-currently in all fevers, to prevent the destruction of tissues.
Schuessler's Salts For Gumboils When first noticed, to reduce the swelling and  check pus formation.
Child, 18 months old; had cut but two lower lateral incisors and the molars of lower and upper jaw. Thin; poorly nourished; "pigeon-breast" chest; hard to learn to walk; general lack of bony development. Calcarea phos, three times per...
Schuessler Salts for Weak Eyesight Weak eyesight from weakness or exhaustion after disease. Blindness from partial decay of the optic nerve; dilated pupils. Drooping of the lids or squinting after diphtheria, from weakness of the muscles.
KALI PHOSPHORICUM Indigestion from nervous disturbances; "gone feeling" in the stomach, hungry just after eating; voracious appetite during or after wasting diseases, with flatulence; gas gathers about the heart, causing pain and weakness of heart.
Dr. Rozas says: "For three years I have employed Kali phos., 4x, in doses the size of a bean, dry on the tongue, every ten or fifteen minutes, as a remedy to excite labor pains. It has never failed...
Ferrum phosphorica is the chief remedy in the first stage, for heat, fever, chilliness, headache, dryness of the throat, earache, and all inflammatory conditions.
The primary symptoms are: dragging, aching pain low down in the back, just above the hips; dragging pains in the groins; sense of weight in the pelvic region, etc. Prolapsus, with weakness, sinking sensations, watery leucorrhoea, etc. Must sit...
Deafness or dullness of hearing, from weakness of the nerves of the ear. Earache of a nervous character, or with sharp neuralgic pains in or around the ear.

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