REMEDY OF THE DAY! LATRODECTUS MACTANS Black Widow - Viuda Negra. Remedy made of trituration of live spider all spider feel that something is going to fall over them a suggested remedy for ANGINA PECTORIS. Constriction of chest muscles, irradiating to shoulder Violent precordial pain...


REMEDY OF THE DAY: BOLETUS LURIDUS synonims Boletus nigrescens, Characteristics: Poisoning effects shows delirium, sunken features, violet color of nose and lips. Intense thirst, Violent pain in epeigastrium, meteorism, Urticaria tuberosa (followed by death) cold sweat. Materia Medica Clarke Beatrizhh 29-1-11
Mustard (Sinapis Arvernsis) The Light Flower From Soul Pain to Soul Grandeur “Those who are liable to gloom, or even despair as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and joy of life.” – Edward Bach   Positive Qualities: Finding...
REMEDY OF THE DAY: ACONITUM NAPELLUS BELL, J.B. (Materia Medica The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea Stools: Watery, Black, green like chopped spinach, Bilious, corrosive, bloody, slimy, mucous, small, brown, small, painful, FREQUENT... (dysenteric stool); Involuntary (when passing flatus) Agrgravation:In summer, with hot days and cold...
One of the worst cases of facial erysipelas I ever met, was cured by Ferrum phos. and Natrum sulphuricum. The face and head were swollen and nearly covered with the eruption; the patient could not see; there was present...
Slide 1 Presenting the redline symptoms of Aconite in two slides Slide 2


REMEDY OF THE DAY: ARANEA SCINENCIA Grey spider This particular spider does not spin a web and they are found in little holes on the wall. Constant twitching of lower eyelids, eyes inflamed, weak waterly and swollen. Dull stupid headache in the postero inferior...
White leucorrhea that leaves yellow spots:No drug has it but CHELIDONIUM Dr. Alberts Lumar Dela Rosa
Formica rufa


REMEDY OF THE DAY: FORMICA RUFA Crushed Live Ants (MYRMEXINE) An arthritic medicine. Gout and articular rheumatism; pains worse, motion; better, pressure. Right side most affected. Chronic gout and stiffness in joints. Acute outbursts of gouty poisons, especially when assuming the neuralgic...
Clinical case


Lower abdominal pain, backache, and rheumatism in distant parts of the body in women, have been attributed to a cervical infection and the cervix has been described as the pelvic tonsil. Dr. Bryan Williams, M.D, F.R.C.S

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