A male baby aged 40 days was brought to me on 9th January 2013. It was FTND, birth weight was 3kg. The main complaints included bleeding per the umbilicus since seven days. The pediatrician had given some antiseptic powder...
SHOWCASE: Deep Abscess on the Abdominal wall Cured by Homoeopathy : Dr. Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS Name: Mrs SK. Age: 45 years Sex: Female. Occupation: Housewife. Presenting complaints: 1. Painful swelling and ulceration of the abdominal wall. 2. Fever with chills since several days. Details of the Presenting...
SHOWCASE :This pt consulted Dr Inerdev Sahu of facebook fame, with a friend of his on 6/1/11.The pt is a farmer and a laborer. The conversation between them went like this. Dr: Whats your problem? What can I do for...

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