case study

A Case of Jaundice

Wm. R. Cole, young man of excellent habits, after a few days of feeling dull, weak and sleepy, was suddenly taken with nausea, vomiting,...
case study

A case of Suppressed Menstruation

Emma G., aged about 30 years. Has been an invalid for years, under the care of an allopathic gynæcologist, who treated her for ulceration...
case study

Homeopathy for Systolic murmur.

March 16, 1872. Mr. ---, caught cold by changing his dress. For five days, frequent desire to swallow saliva, but often cannot do it,...
case study

A case of Coryza

Mrs. C, set. 28, had taken a cold in the early autumn; symptoms in January are feeling in back as if broken after walking;...
case study

A case of Backache cured by Homeopathy

Miss T---., a school-teacher, has been suffering for years from a pain in the sacrum, with constant nausea. She is never free from...
case study

A case of CHRONIC ULCER cured by SULPHUR

James P — , 49 years of age, a compositor, consulted me on September 20th, 1879, for a chronic ulcer of the right leg....
case study

A Case of Epilepsy

E. F., set. 11, fell down stairs and struck his head. He became immediately unconscious, although no lesion could be observed, except a swelling...
case study

A Case of Impairment of Speech

Wm. T., aged 23 occupation clerk, consulted me, complaining of an impairment of speech, which had lasted seventeen years. No cause could be learned,...
case study

The Miraculous Drops that cure.

In real affections of the liver and spleen we are not always able to find an actual enlargement of or severe pain in these...
case study

A Case of Caries Tibiae

In a woman set. 40 years, who had been bitten on the leg by an insect six years before. The bite induced violent inflammation...



If you come across a case where the Bronchial tubes are loaded with mucus, which coughing does not loosen, Antim tart will rarely fail....


Gall stone colic: BELLADONNA relieves in minutes!

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Bach Flower Essences

Impatiens – The Time Flower

Impatiens- The time flower (impatiens glandulifera) From Impatience to patience  “Those who are quick in thought and action who wish all things to be done without...

Chestnut Bud – The Learning Flower

Chestnut Bud - The Learning Flower "For those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience and who take a longer time than others to learn the lessons...

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