Brain Tumor- Casestudy 2 –

Name:PD (a.k.a TM) Age:23 years (22.02.2007) Sex:Female Duration of illness:7 months Date of first visit: 22.02.2007 Chief complaints: Headache off and on, occasional nausea with vomiting and convulsions since...
case study

A case of Rheumatism

G. S. Can Huesen, ex-sheriff of Cortland county, aged about 60, spare, nervous, active, temperament, after exposure to dry, cold air, came down with...
case study


Miss B., school teacher, brunette, age 26, had taught for several years, and was very nervous and worried much about her work. She asked...

A case of Leucorrhea

Mrs. W., age 25 years, married, and has two children : the last was born fifteen months before I saw her, from which time...
case study

A case of Cattarh

J. D., 32. Literary gentleman, with light hair and dark complexion ; constantly increasing catarrhal trouble of the nose for nearly three years....
case study

A case of CHRONIC ULCER cured by SULPHUR

James P — , 49 years of age, a compositor, consulted me on September 20th, 1879, for a chronic ulcer of the right leg....

Earlier I used to drink, but for the past 7 months I don├óÔé¼Ôäót drink(...

SHOWCASE :This pt consulted Dr Inerdev Sahu of facebook fame, with a friend of his on 6/1/11.The pt is a farmer and a laborer....
case study

Sabadilla to the rescue!

Miss E., aged 23, book-keeper, rather tall, thin, but counting herself in good health, complained of a single annoying symptom of long standing, as...
Case Study


Miss XL, since seven years, a short, abrupt cough from tickling in the throat, extending into the bronchi, with sensation of concussion there ; expectoration like saliva...
Case Study

A case of Neuralgia

Mrs. G., age 35, a farmer's wife, called to get some medicine for neuralgia, stating that the whole right side of the head was...



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