A case of Leucorrhea

Mrs. W., age 25 years, married, and has two children : the last was born fifteen months before I saw her, from which time...
case study

A Case of ECZEMA

May 1st. A young lady, daughter of a deceased homœopathic physician, discovered pediculi capitis three weeks ago, with itching of the head, which became...
Case taking

A case of Vertigo and Nausea

Mr. W., a weak, pale man of forty-two years, whose business was at the writing desk, consulted me on the 5th of December, 1815...


INTERMITTENT FEVER I was called in consultation to an obstinate case of intermittent fever. It was a case imported from a district in the west...

A case of Sarcoma in the Mouth and Gums

 L. D. A---., age 50 years, June 27, 1938. Sarcoma of mouth and gums following a tooth extraction, diagnosis from biopsy and clinical aspects....
Case Study

A case of Hypothyroidism

Patient is an 18yrs Bengali girl,married complaining of dysmmenorrhoea with profuse menses for 8 days duration. While case taking I found a swelling on...

A Case of Umbilical Bleeding Cured by Homeopathy.

A male baby aged 40 days was brought to me on 9th January 2013. It was FTND, birth weight was 3kg. The main complaints...
case study

Benefits of Calendula

W. C. had his fingers caught in the wheel of a mill; the anterior joint of the index-finger, and two joints of the ring-finger...
case study


Another marvel of Homeopathy. One SINGLE dose! A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash: Dr Frederick H. LUTZE (1838-1924)Mrs. G., age 35, a farmer's wife,...
Case Study

A case of Sciatic Rheumatism

A very corpulent woman of 55 years, was suffering from right sciatic rheumatism.. In her case there were aggravations coming on in the afternoon...



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