CLARKE ON RECORDING A CONSULTATION VERBAL VS. WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS. In an acute mild case a verbal examination of the patient may be sufficient but in chronic cases with considerable history, a suitable record of at least the main In an acute mild...
I am honoured to present the Materia Medica of Capsicum, whose prover was Dr Hahnemann himself. CAPSICUM C:- Crackling of joints. A cough with pain far from the chest. Constriction in fauces,throat,nares,chest,bladder, urethra or rectum. Catarrhal asthma, with a red face...
Characteristic Peculiarities of Indigo Tinctoria The pains are characterized by great intensity, are worst during rest and while sitting, and can frequently either be entirely suppressed by rubbing and. pressure or by motion, or at any rate, can be alleviated...
Aconite Napellus AAcute local and general inflammations; fevers of an inflammatory character; congestion, especially of the chest, or from weakness of the heart's action ; neuralgia and rheumatism, accompanied with stinging pains ; or heat and tingling, especially in the...
Characteristic peculiarity of homoeopathic remedy Ruta graveolans  
What comes to mind when you think of LACHESIS?
What comes to mind when you think of Ruta graveolans?
What comes to mind when you think of SILICEA?
Old medical terms explained. ROSE COLD : Hay fever or nasal symptoms of an allergy.
Lachesis appears to act principally on the left side, particularly in "apoplectic paralysis, -sore throat, eruptions and pain* in the limbs. *Aggravation of the symptoms in damp weather. "Exhaustion and weariness from excessively cold or warm weather. *Aggravation of...

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