" In the healthy condition of man, the immaterial vital principle which animates the material body, exercises an absolute sway and maintains all its parts in the most admirable order and harmony, both of sensation and action, so that...

PONDERINGS: If keynotes are taken as final and the general do not conform, then will come the failures. Dr. Tyler. M.D
What comes to mind when you think of Onosmodium?
What comes to mind when you think of Jaborandi?
But if these aggravated original symptoms appear on subsequent days still of the same strength as at the beginning, or even with an increased severity, it is a sign that the dose of this antipsoric remedy, although properly selected...
Characteristic peculiarities of Ammonium carbonicum The right side of the body seems to be more affected than the left. Several of the symptoms seem either to appear or to become aggravated in the open air. Many of the symptoms are aggravated in...
What comes to mind when you think of Causticum?
Here are the rules of practice that Hering laid down.

PONDERINGS: High potencies will not palliate incurable cases, you must use the low. Dr. Boger, M.D

PONDERINGS: To become acquainted with our principles and doctrines with fixed knowledge, to know medicines that never change their properties, to know their action is the main aim in HOMEOPATHIC study. from Kent's Philosophy.

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