Just One Drop, the documentary film about homeopathy, will be a game changer in uncovering the real story. We have a golden opportunity here to make a difference.
Ty Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer interviews Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby. The text is reproduced from their website. Ty Bollinger: Talk a little bit about homeopathy. I know you’re a homeopath. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby: Indeed, and I’m on a homeopathic advisory...
Feeling nausea, feeling queasy, nausea symptoms. Jaundice or other symptoms associated with liver disease; may also have been any upset leading to vomiting bile or just vomiting
Comparing two Homeopathic remedies Arsenicum album and Causticum
What comes to mind when you think of ARNICA MONTANA
Spasmodic cough, with dyspnoea, rush of blood to the head and chest, shooting stitches in the region of the hip ; tickling in the larynx as after swallowing dust, especially after midnight; with suffocative constriction, aphonia. Belladonna
Homoeopathic prescribing according to symptoms, often without physical examinations, seems of course unspeakable quackery to orthodox medical men; they have learned by rote the ridiculous maxim, "Every diseases is seated in an organ." Very likely examination of Mrs. C.B....
The story behind one of the highest quality studies ever published on individualised homeopathic treatment, published in the conventional medical journal Pediatrics and the backlash that followed. You can read the abstract here Her research paper that was published in...
Characteristic peculiarity of AGARICUS Cramp-pains in the muscles of the limbs, especially when sitting. — Drawing and tearing, especially in the limbs, which continues while sitting or standing, and goes off during motion. Symptoms which appear diagonally, changing from...

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