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On why some old symptoms reappear.

Often in the course of the healing process old symptoms temporarily reappear. Why should people have to go back through these old problems in the...


The Genius of Homeopathy Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy By Dr Stuart M. CLOSE To Hahnemann belongs the honor of having been the first physician to...

It is one thing to assemble all the diverse symptoms of disease, but quite another to be able to pick out those peculiar ones...


PHILOSOPHY: H.C. ALLEN PREFACE: FIRST EDITION The life-work of the student of the homoeopathic Materia Medica is one of constant comparison and differentiation. He must compare...


PHILOSOPHY: HOMEOPATHY Kent , they rejected the outer physical aspects of disease as being the true realm of disease causation, believing the organism to possess...

PHILOSOPHY, James Tyler Kent

James Tyler Kent, New Remedies, Clinical Lesser Writings writes: What perplexing problems we often meet in practice! How we crave, at times, the advice...

Samuel Hahnemann philosophy

PHILOSOPHY: SAMUEL HAHNEMANN " The spiritual power of medicine achieves its object not by quantity but by quality" S. Hahnemann Beatriz H Hill


PHILOSOPHY - SAMUEL HAHNEMANN When it was announced that the long-awaited Sixth Edition of Hahnemann's "Organon" was at last available and about to be published,...

Homeopathic treatment’s antidotes.

PHILOSOPHY: Homeopathic treatment's antidotes. When the level of health goes down, loosing its balance by stress it is and more faster will be affected by...


Characteristic peculiarities of Conium. The pains occur mostly during rest, rarely during motion. The worst pains come on at night, and rouse him from sleep....


When any two systems are involved

A good rule to follow is when any two systems are involved such as heart and lungs or brain and kidneys, think of or...

Painful operation scars.

STAPHISAGRIA is required when an abdominal or other operation wound is unduly painful for no obvious reason. Dr. Foubister

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Bach Flower Essences

Crab Apple – The Cleansing Flower

Crab Apple - The Cleansing flower (Malus Pumila or Sulvestris) “From Compulsive Order to Inner Order” For those who feel as is they had something not quite...

Aspen- The Psychic Flower

Aspen (Populus Tremula) Known as "The Psychic Flower" Aspen can promote: Trust and security Confidence to meet the unknown Drawing on inner strength from the spiritual world Emotional issues: Anxiety (unknown...

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