PHILOSOPHY: Homeopathic treatment's antidotes. When the level of health goes down, loosing its balance by stress it is and more faster will be affected by any chemical substance that can interfiere with the remedy, and the patient will be affected mental, emocional...

It is one thing to assemble all the diverse symptoms of disease, but quite another to be able to pick out those peculiar ones which also interpenetrate the others. Hahnemann said that a paucity of symptoms or the presence...

PHILOSOPHY: BY SAMUEL HAHNEMANN Seven Principles Hahanemann laid down seven principles, which he described in his classical work The Organon: 1. #Simila Similibus Currentur (like cures the alike) 2. #The Single Remedy 3.#The Minimal Dose 4. #The Potentized Remedy or the Doctrine of Drug Dynamization} 5....

PHILOSOPHY: SAMUEL HAHNEMANN It was in 1790, while translating William CullenÔÇÖs Materia Medica that the first evidence emerged for the great things still to come. Unconvinced by CullenÔÇÖs theory that Cinchona was a specific for Malaria because of its tonic...

Hahnemann said:

"The individualizing examination of a case of disease demands of the physician nothing but freedom from prejudice and sound senses, attention in observing and fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease."

I believe in the illimitable possibilities of medicine, because I believe in God. ~ Samuel Hahnemann I Love Homeopathy, Iman 
PHILOSOPHY: Samuel Hahnemann "Only those unbiased individuals to whom truth and the happiness of mankind are of some value, will be receptive to our simple doctrine of healing, they alone will of their own free bring the necessary sacrifice to draw forth to the...
What comes to mind when you think of Ambra grisea?
Homeopath Hahnemann


PHILOSOPHY: SAMUEL HAHNEMANN "The spiritual power of medicine does not accomplish its object by means of quantity, but by quality or dynamic firmness" Beatriz
As long as we depend too largely upon scattered facts our claim to be called scientific physicians cannot be said to be the best; on the other hand, science demands more than reason alone, which left to itself has...

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