A study of the SNAKE REMEDIES

Snake venoms have been widely used as homeopathic remedies in their potentised forms. H. A. Roberts, in his paper analyses the snake remedies to their...


Just One Drop, the documentary film about homeopathy, will be a game changer in uncovering the real story. We have a golden opportunity here...
Boenninghausen on Homeopathic dilutions

Duration of the action of the remedies.

Duration of the action of the remedies. By Dr. Von Boenninghausen I Love Homeopathy, Iman Group 1 - Briefest Acting Remedies: Acon., Camphor, Coffea, Ipecac., Laur., Mosch., Opium, Par.,...

Dr. Tyler on Prescribing

MANY drugs have produced the symptoms of, and can therefore cure the common cold : but alas ! only the one that has evoked...
homoeopathy remedy

Why do old symptoms reappear?

Often in the course of the healing process old symptoms temporarily reappear. Why should people have to go back through these old problems in the...
Comparative study of Arsenicum and Causticum


Comparing two Homeopathic remedies Arsenicum album and Causticum

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby on Homeopathy

Ty Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer interviews Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby. The text is reproduced from their website. Ty Bollinger: Talk a little bit about...
Healing art of Homeoapthy

#1 Reason You Should Use Homeopathy!

Homeopathy is the art and science of medicine that penetrates to the cause of disease and by the power of its remedies, brings the...
Dr. Torako on Dengue

Dr Torako Yui on the homoeopathic approach to Dengue fever

It is reported in Japanese news a day after day that a sudden outbreak of dengue fever in Yoyogi park, followed in Shinjuku Gyoen...



Homeopathic Hospitals

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